In a controversial move, former President Donald Trump is urging members of the House GOP to allow a government shutdown, saying that it will obstruct the criminal proceedings against him. Trump posted to Truth Social:

Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 7.09.16 PM

House Republicans are facing internal disagreements on spending legislation essential to prevent a government shutdown on October 1. A group, including staunch Trump supporters, are challenging Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s temporary funding plan, further complicating the legislative process.

Trump is urging Republicans to make substantial spending cuts and not to settle for McCarthy’s proposal, emphasizing holding firm on government funding. However, consensus on the nature of the cuts eludes the party. McCarthy had to withdraw a vote on a conservative resolution due to insufficient party support.

If a shutdown occurs, numerous government employees would face furloughs, potentially causing delays in essential services like Social Security and SNAP. The looming deadline intensifies pressure on Congress, and the situation appears precarious.

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