The much-anticipated anonymous straw poll ended in an overwhelming and perhaps unsurprising victory for former President Donald Trump.

With a commanding 59% of ballots cast, former President Trump soared to the top of CPAC’s anonymous online straw poll. That figure represents at 4% increase from last year, when he topped the poll at 55%.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis placed distant second at 28%, a fair increase from his 21% showing last year. Among the 19 other names listed, no one else garnered even 2%. In a follow up question without Trump on the ballot, DeSantis won handily with 61% of the vote.

While Trump has strongly hinted at a 2024 run, he has neither confirmed nor denied his intentions. Senator Ted Cruz, who placed fourth in the hypothetical Trumpless poll, told Fox News, “Everybody is waiting to see what Donald Trump decides to do. He gets to decide first, and we will find out. Nobody knows what Trump will do and everyone will react accordingly.”

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