New York City authorities believe arresting Donald Trump in person is likely to be extremely dangerous and are considering the possibility of a virtual arraignment. This would remove the need for Trump to be physically arrested and moved. Law enforcement groups met at noon on Monday at NYC headquarters to discuss the arraignments and logistics of arresting Trump. Attendees at the meeting included “Michael Magliano, chief of the Department of Public Safety, who oversees NY court officer; the head of the Secret Service of the New York office, and a representative from the Manhattan district attorney’s office.”

According to Fox:

In the event of an indictment, a physical arrest would be the responsibility of the Secret Service. The district attorney’s office declined comment to Fox News.

Law enforcement are concerned about the “tremendous amount of danger” and “hysteria” surrounding Trump’s potential arrest. Trump himself has encouraged supporters to “take our country back” in the event of his arrest.

The source, who is familiar with the arrangements for the logistics of a possible indictment and arraignment for Trump, blamed the Manhattan DA’s office for leaking news of Trump’s potential indictment.

“That created a lot of security issues. The chance of anyone getting hurt has dramatically increased,” the source said.

According to sources, Former President Donald Trump is claiming that he will be arrested on Tuesday in connection to the alleged hush money payments he made to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump cites “illegal leaks” from a “corrupt” and “highly political” Manhattan District Attorney’s office as evidence of this impending indictment.

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