The DOJ has unsealed their indictment of Donald Trump and it’s not good news for the former president. In total, Trump is being charged with 38 federal counts which add up to over 100 years in prison if guilty. A close aide to ex-president Donald Trump has also been indicted in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s probe into Trump’s handling of classified documents. According to insider sources who spoke to Fox News, Walt Nauta, who served as Trump’s personal aide and valet, was the second individual to be indicted in the ongoing investigation that resulted in Trump’s indictment just one day before.

Read the indictment here: Unsealed

Although the exact nature of Nauta’s charges remains unclear, sources say he was caught on surveillance video transporting sensitive material from a storage area at a time when the government had sought information about the contents of those documents.

The federal grand jury in Miami that issued the indictment has yet to reveal its contents, and the Justice Department has not confirmed any details about the investigation.

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