Former President Trump insulted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis again ahead of a potential 2024 matchup between the two Republicans.

Background: Some have speculated Trump’s disdain for the Florida Governor has been growing as DeSantis’s popularity continues to grow amongst the conservative base. Many pollsters have claimed DeSantis would likely be the Republican Party’s 2024 nominee if the former President doesn’t run, and be a worthy challenger if he decides to run.

DeSantis has claimed he’s only focused on running for re-election in Florida and has no plans to run for president in 2024.

Other potential Republican contenders such as Mike Pompeo and Kristi Noem, have agreed not to run if former President Trump launches a campaign. However, DeSantis has made no such pledge.

What Happened: According to two sources close to Trump, the former president said DeSantis, “has no personal charisma and has a dull personality.”

“In the context of the 2024 election, he usually gives DeSantis a pop in the nose in the middle of that type of conversation,” said a source who recently spoke to Trump about DeSantis. (per Axios)

Context: Individuals close to former President Trump have said his contempt for the Florida governor has been growing because he hasn’t made it clear whether he will back down if Trump runs for president once more.

Previously, many guessed he was referring to DeSantis when he called politicians choosing to keep their vaccination history vague “gutless” during an OAN interview.

“You gotta say it — whether you had it or not,” Trump said. “Say it.”

DeSantis also surprised Republicans when he reflected on one of his “biggest regrets” regarding the former President during an interview with the Ruthless Podcast.

“one of his biggest regrets in office was not speaking out “much louder” in March 2020, when Trump advised the American public to stay home to slow the spread of the coronavirus.” (per Axios)

What Happens Next: So far, no Republicans have made any official announcement for 2024. However, Trump has continued to hint at launching a third presidential campaign.

Republican lawmakers, such as Lindsey Graham, have said that if Trump does decide to run, he will receive the Republican nomination.

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