Former President Donald Trump, gearing up for his surrender at Fulton County Jail, has made a strategic switch in his defense team. Exiting is the “Billion Dollar Lawyer” Drew Findling, known for his work with hip-hop stars such as Gucci Mane and Offset. Stepping into the role is Steve Sadow, the acclaimed Atlanta attorney with a roster that boasts big names like Rick Ross, Gunna, and even Howard Stern.

Sadow wasted no time, filing his official lead counsel paperwork in Fulton County Superior Court Thursday morning. This comes as Trump faces an indictment for his purported efforts to challenge the 2020 presidential election outcome in Georgia. The indictment holds a total of 13 charges against Trump, one of which is a violation of Georgia’s RICO Act.

It’s worth noting Sadow’s prior experience with Georgia’s RICO law. In 2021, he successfully defended rapper Gunna against similar charges. Sadow has been outspoken about his views on the law, previously stating to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that RICO has “been overused for quite a long time.” Regarding Trump’s case, Sadow indicated the RICO charges give room for an extensive presentation of the case.

The new attorney remains confident, voicing to CNN that Trump is “innocent of all the charges” and should not have faced indictment. He emphatically stressed that the legal proceedings shouldn’t be influenced by political ambitions. As for the future, Sadow anticipates either a dismissal or a just verdict in favor of the former president.

Trump’s indictment, announced on August 14, also involves eighteen other co-defendants, marking a significant chapter in the post-presidential events of Trump’s career.

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