As President Biden delivered a lackluster State of the Union address, his predecessor was watching as victories in Texas poured in one after the other.

Donald Trump, who has taken on a sort of kingmaker role within the Republican Party, had his political might put to the test in the Texas primaries and came out on top.

In a statement through his Save America PAC Trump praised the 33 candidates he endorsed for moving forward in the Texas primaries.

Newsmax reports:

“All 33 Trump-Endorsed candidates won last night in Texas, or are substantially leading. Big night!” Trump said in a statement issued by his Save America PAC. “How will the Fake News make it look bad?”

Incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott, who easily turned back several right-wing challengers, topped the list of Trump-endorsed candidates.

At least one Trump-endorsed candidates still faces a runoff battle. Incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton outpolled state Land Commissioner George P. Bush, the nephew of one president and grandson of another, but failed to capture a majority of the votes cast.

The news comes after Trump dropped his strongest hint yet that he plans to launch a third presidential campaign in 2024 during a speech at CPAC.

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