Texas Governor Greg Abbott beefed up security inspects at certain international ports in anticipation of Title 42’s end.

When the CDC announced Title 42 would expire on May 23rd, Abbot pledged to step in with state resources to address the expected influx of immigrants.

That includes the Texas Department of Safety conducting “enhanced safety inspections” on vehicles crossing seven ports of entry from Mexico, most of which are commercial trucks.

Trucking leaders say hundreds of billions of dollars in international trade are being jeopardized by delays caused by Abbott’s order.

“We’re a big supporter of Governor Abbott, and what he’s done to help the trucking industry tremendously, however, this was not the solution, maybe I think, talking to us and consulting with us would have been a little bit easier,” Ernesto Gaytan, Jr. said. He is the general manager of Super Transport International LTD, which has 40 drivers doing cross border commerce between the two countries, and offered to speak directly with Abbott himself.

Abbott argues the inspections will ensure that Texas drivers are protected from vehicles and drivers associated with smuggling attempts.

“The cartels that smuggle illicit contraband and people across our southern border do not care about the condition of the vehicles they send into Texas, any more than they care who overdoses from the deadly fentanyl on board,” Abbott wrote in a statement.

DPS numbers seem to back up his concerns. Officials have found 1,566 violations while inspecting 3,443 commercial vehicles, 807 of which were put out of service due to “serious safety violations” that include defective brakes, tires and lighting.

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