The Democrat-led states are moving to restrict gun rights on their own in moves that are sure to bring on legal challenges. It remains to be seen if Congress will actually negotiate bipartisan legislation that can overcome the 60-vote filibuster barrier.

California, New York, and New Jersey’s Democrat governors each called for their legislative bodies to act on a variety of gun control measures, according to The Hill.

California’s Gavin Newsom committed to signing a package of bills that go far beyond the scope of preventing mass shooting tragedies, a task Republicans in Congress are insisting any bipartisan legislation stick to.

California’s package would restrict advertising of firearms to minors, restrict so-called “ghost guns” and the kits used to build them, and “create a private right of actions to limit the spread of illegal assault weapons and ghost guns”. It also includes a bill that mirrors a law that was recently upheld in New York allowing governments and victims to sue manufacturers and sellers of firearms.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said she would sign legislation to raise the state’s minimum age to buy AR-15-style rifles from 18 to 21 if legislators would get it to her desk.

“I want to work with the legislature to do something that is far more common sense than we have right now. At minimum, the AR-15s, but I’m going to take a look at everything,” she said.

New Jersey’s Phil Murphy pushed for similar changes, urging legislators to reconsider his previously introduced “Gun Safety 3.0” package.

“They would mandate safe storage of guns. They would ensure that those seeking to buy a gun are actually trained in the safe handling of that gun,“ Murphy said. “They would give police tools to better track the paths of firearms used to commit crimes. They would prohibit the sale of weapons that can bring down helicopters.”

His reforms also include raising the minimum age to purchase rifles to 21, banning .50 caliber firearms, and close a perceived loophole for importing out-of-state firearms.

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