President Biden has been forced to reinstate Donald Trump’s controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Background: During the Trump administration, the president instated Migrant Protection Protocols (MPPs) including the Remain in Mexico Policy. The policy requires asylum seekers remain in Mexico while they wait for the U.S. immigration hearings to begin.

Shortly after President Biden’s inauguration, he rescinded the Trump-era policy.

However, a federal judge ruled Biden’s rescission did not follow proper procedure and in August ordered its reinstatement.

The U.S. government claimed it had to wait for Mexico’s agreement before the policy could restart.

What Happened: A federal court reordered President Biden to reinstate the policy.

The MPP program will restart with a small number of migrants at a single U.S. border crossing on Monday, but will eventually expand to San Diego, California and El Paso, Laredo, and Brownsville in Texas, one of the U.S. officials said. (per Newsmax)

What Happens Next: President Biden will continue trying to strike down the policy.

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