As his larger motive becomes clearer, it is now known the suspect identified as Douglas K. Uhde was sentenced to prison by the retired Wisconsin judge he murdered. It has also been revealed that his hitlist consisted of at least 13 names with no clear pattern.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice identified the suspect, who turned the gun on himself after killing retired Judge John Roemer in his home early Friday morning.

The suspect was transported to a medical facility and remains in critical condition, leaving questions about his motive.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, court records show the suspect had been sentenced by Roemer to six years of prison and nine years extended supervision on a charge of armed burglary with a dangerous weapon in 2005.

While serving time in a minimum-security facility, Uhde walked away from a job site and remained on the run for almost a month before he was taken back into custody.

He was eventually released on extended supervision in April of 2020.

According to Fox News, investigators found a hitlist in the suspects vehicle that contained the names of Roemer, Wisconsin Governors Whitmer and Evers, and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

One of the other 13 people on the list, who were informed by law enforcement of their inclusion, is Dan Marcon, who identified himself publicly.

He owns a gun shop in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin and served on the Department of Correction for 14 years. He was surprised his name was on the list, but said it was not the first time he received a death threat.

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