The Supreme Court has denied former President Trump’s request to block the House Select Committee from obtaining records related to Jan. 6.

Background: Last month, a lower federal court rejected Trump’s request to block the National Archives from handing over documents to the House panel. Trump’s attorneys requested the documents remain shielded until the Supreme Court considered his formal appeal.

What Happened: Supreme Court justices rejected Trump’s request with an unsigned order.

Justice Clarence Thomas was the only dissenter but did not note any reasoning for his disagreement.

What The Panel Says: The panel celebrated the ruling as a major win.

“Our work goes forward to uncover all the facts about the violence of January 6th and its causes,” they said in a joint statement, emphasizing that their effort aims “to ensure nothing like that day ever happens again.”

What Comes Next: The panel said it began receiving documents Wednesday night. The committee will have to examine Trump-era call logs, emails and other requested documents.

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