The order temporarily blocked a lower court ruling that allowed the counting of mail-in ballots that arrived on time but didn’t meet eligibility standards by state law.

The dispute at the center of this ruling concerns a 2021 judicial election, but it has broader implications for the state GOP Senate primary between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick.

That race entered an automatic recount last week after final election day tallies showed Oz leading by fewer than 1,000 votes. McCormick then filed a similar lawsuit asking a state court to order that mail-on ballots missing a handwritten date be counted, according to The Hill.

Oz then filed a brief urging the Supreme Court to block an appeals court ruling that allowed the ballots to be counted so McCormick couldn’t use it as the basis of his suit.

The Supreme Court’s order came from Justice Samuel Alito, who handles emergency decisions for the state. He issued a temporary administrative stay in order to allow additional time to consider formal action in the case.

McCormick also requested a hand recount in 12 counties where his campaign says the results don’t align with the state’s reported vote totals.

The recount is expected to be finished by June 8th.

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