From members of the GOP, former President Donald Trump, and Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams along with other Democrats hit by swarms of illegal immigrants to their states and cities, everyone has one issue in common – the border is a mess and President Biden has done nothing to fix the issue.

Throughout the Biden administration, over 1.2 million illegal immigrants, primarily from Mexico and South America, have crossed through our largely unprotected southern border. Many of them bringing drugs and gang affiliations with them as they cross.

Here are other issues Biden will look to avoid:

Under Biden inflation has gotten to a terrible extent. Prices have risen by 13%. And as a result of this, the average family lost more than $10,000 buying just what they normally would since Biden has taken office.

Energy Crisis
Since Biden has taken office, the cost of heating oil, and subsequently the cost of utilities, has risen at a rate in which many Americans are falling behind on bills. As soon as Biden took office he reduced the amount of oil the US produced, which began the inflation crisis.

The Border
On Biden’s first day in office, he stopped all deportations, the construction of the wall, and ended the Remain in Mexico policy. Since then more than 4.5 million illegal immigrants have been caught crossing into the US and Border Patrol agents have “seized enough drugs to kill every man, woman, and child in this country.”

Now on top of the three big issues we face, here comes another. The Chinese Spy balloons throw another wretch into the speech’s plans as all the work the administration discussed on the relationship building Biden’s administration and China were doing has been halted by the arrival of the balloons. While we shouldn’t expect to hear any real updates based around China, we will surely not hear about their friendship-building travel trips now.

According to Fox News, Biden’s historic border crisis has created a historic public health crisis for every American community. In 2022, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents seized enough illicit fentanyl to kill every single American, most of which was smuggled across our southern border. Now, drug overdoses due to illicit fentanyl are the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18-49.

Of course, if Biden chooses to not address the issue concerns at the southern border, then Sarah Huckabee Sander will swiftly address it during the Republican State Of The Union response.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Will Deliver REPUBLICAN State Of The Union Response

Other issues Biden will need to respond to include issues on crime, the economy, and gas prices not falling back to their national average. While Biden has boasted about his improving economy and slightly falling inflation, until these numbers return to average the President has no ground to stand on, and American citizens are the ones suffering the consequences of this economic issue.
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