Flag Day is an annual occasion in the United States that commemorates the day when the country’s flag was officially adopted by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. This year, like every year, we are honoring this event across the nation.

Biden Drapes LGBTQ Flag Over White House, Violates U.S. Flag Code

Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker from the Republican Party, took it upon himself to highlight the significance of Flag Day by ordering three flags to be proudly displayed atop the Capitol Hill. He made sure to spread the word on social media, emphasizing that Flag Day holds a central place in Washington, DC.

The first ever Flag Day celebration occurred in 1877, a century after the adoption of the flag by the Continental Congress. Then, in 1949, President Harry Truman established Flag Day as a solemn national observance.

There are specific guidelines to follow when displaying the American flag. For instance, the stars should always be on top, and no other flag should be flown higher or to the right of the U.S. flag, except at the UN headquarters. It is encouraged for citizens to fly the flag from sunrise to sunset, unless special occasions or proper illumination allow for extended display. If a flag becomes damaged or unserviceable, it should be disposed of respectfully. It is essential to never let the flag touch the ground, as it is a sign of disrespect.

Flag Day has been celebrated for over a century, during which time there have been 27 official versions of the American flag.

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