Louisiana Senator John Kennedy joined Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning to weigh in on the Hunter Biden investigation and the presidential election. Kennedy is known for his one liners and he did not disappoint during this appearance. Fox hosts asked Kennedy whether he would watching the upcoming Hunter Biden whistleblower testimony on Wednesday to which the senator responded:

“Have you ever flushed the toilet and the water starts rising you go, dang I got a problem here? I think that’s where the Attorney General is. The Attorney General is going to have to address this. There is a perception that Hunter Biden got special treatment. Garland thought he had finessed the prosecution of Hunter Biden. A plea deal was reached which was pretty favorable to Hunter. He just he didn’t account on the whistleblowers.”

Kennedy was later asked whether he believed Attorney General Merrick Garland should be impeached and he stated:

“If anybody in public office a high crime that you can prove than that is the basis for impeachment. I just want to know who is lying. Either the whistleblowers are lying or the attorney general is lying”

The senator also shared his thought on the possibility of a third indictment of Donald Trump regarding his involvement in Jan 6.:

“I’ve made one prediction. The experts will be wrong. They almost always are”

Two IRS whistleblowers are set to appear before the House Oversight Committee at 1 pm on Wednesday, alleging that they observed an undeniable pattern of preferential treatment for the Bidens and obstruction of the normal investigative process during the lengthy federal investigation into Hunter Biden.

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