The Senate parliamentarian said that Democrats must abandon their latest plan to let millions of illegal immigrants remain in the country, the latest blow to stop wishlist item for the party.

Background: Democrats have repeatedly attempted to push immigration legislation through Biden’s expansive environmental and social bill, however, they have been met with continued roadblocks.

What Happened: Elizabeth MacDonough, the Senate’s nonpartisan arbiter of its rules, rejected the third attempt by Democrats to include immigration reform in Biden’s $2 trillion bill.

She said Democrats would violate Senate rules by using the legislation to help immigrants and should remove immigration provisions from the bill.

Details: Democrats’ latest immigration proposal would have let an estimated 6.5 million immigrants in the U.S. since at least 2010 without legal authorization apply for up to two five-year work permits. The permits would let them hold jobs, avoid deportation and in some instances travel abroad without risking their residency here. Applicants would have to meet background checks and other requirements. (per Newsmax)

What Happens Next: Democrats will likely try again to revive the provision however, even some Senate Democrats have noted their opposition to the plan.

With Republicans and some Democrats against the plan, it will likely fail in the evenly divided Senate.

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