Amidst a federal indictment looming over former President Trump, the Republican party has intensified its calls for the FBI and Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate the alleged bribery crimes of President Biden. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana joined his GOP counterparts in urging FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland to address the concerns of the American people and safeguard the integrity of law enforcement institutions. These developments underscore the growing demand for transparency and accountability in the realm of political affairs.

Sen. Kennedy told Fox News:

They won’t tell us whether they’ve even investigated the allegations. The only people who can fix this are the head of the FBI and the attorney general. So the American people understandably have doubts and only Chris Wray and the attorney general can address those doubts. And you can’t find either one of them with a search party, and they just won’t answer.

I believe there’s a perception out there among the American people, there’s certainly a perception of that on Congress, and only the attorney general can address that. And Dog the Bounty Hunter couldn’t find the attorney general right now. He refuses to talk about it. So does the FBI director. These are all fair questions. They’re not going away. For the integrity of the FBI as an institution and the Department of Justice, the two heads need to look the American people in the eye in front of God and country and tell them the truth. And until that happens, this isn’t going away.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, asserted on the Senate floor that a Burisma executive, who purportedly paid Joe Biden and Hunter Biden $5 million, possessed 17 audio recordings of his discussions with them. This revelation is supported by the FBI FD-1023 form, which was shared with congressional lawmakers following FBI Director Christopher Wray’s agreement to provide the document despite his initial refusal. These reports shed new light on the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Bidens and their alleged involvement with Burisma.


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