Following a fiery recall campaign, proponents led by hotel and retailers associations cheered their win at a victory party. The crime-ridden city that relies on tourism has itself been victimized by Chesa Boudin’s soft-on-crime policies.

Chesa Boudin was elected in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. He campaigned on criminal justice reform, pledging alternative sentencing for habitual offenders, lighter sentencing for juveniles, and tightening the leash of law enforcement.

The result was a dramatic escalation in persistent theft, open drug use, and homelessness.

“As a registered Democrat, I enthusiastically voted for his recall,” said voter Maureen Hurley. “Boudin has proved over and over again he is mismatched to his job description of prosecuting habitual criminals and working with the police. He was a complete failure.”

Boudin accused his critics of exploiting the public’s fears about crime.

“Every single criminal-justice reform policy we’ve implemented is aimed at making our community safer,” he said in an interview.

According to the Wall Street Journal, burglaries have gone up 45% in the past two years in San Francisco.

Political consultants say the recall in a liberal stronghold is a sign of voter backlash against the progressive prosecutor movement and could reverberate through upcoming races in other states.

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