Former congresswoman Liz Cheney is out for blood in her latest attack against Donald Trump and she has timed this one to perfection. The 60 second ad is set to air on CNN before and during former president Donald Trump’s Wednesday town hall on the network. Trump has complained about hostile debate settings and has even threatened to skip the Republican primary debates later this year. Will Trump be enraged by CNN’s move to air Cheney’s ad during his town hall?

Watch the ad below:

In the ad, Cheney’s voice narrates and she says,  “Donald Trump is the only president in American history who has refused to guarantee the peaceful transfer of power. He lost the election and he knew it. He betrayed millions of Americans by telling them the election was stolen. He ignored the rulings of dozens of courts.”

“Rather than accept his defeat, he mobilized a mob to come to Washington and march on the Capitol. Then, he watched on television while the mob attacked law enforcement, invaded the Capitol and hunted the vice president.”

“Donald Trump has proven he is unfit for office. Donald Trump is a risk America can never take again,” she added.

This is Cheney’s first ad of 2024 and she has said in the past that she would consider running for president in 2024. She is currently working as a professor at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

Cheney was part of  the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, and she eventually became vice chair of the committee. She repeatedly stated it is her mission to never allow Donald Trump to be reelected.


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