European leaders lambasted the move as “blackmail” as Russia threatens to go further.

Per AP News, Poland and Bulgaria will no longer have access to Russia’s natural gas supply.

Gas prices in Europe soared on the news, which may eventually force impacted nations to ration gas.

However, Russia is also depriving itself of much needed income to fund its war effort in Ukraine.

Poland was targeted due to its role as a major gateway for the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. It confirmed this week that it would send the country tanks.

Bulgaria, with its newly elected liberal government, has severed ties with Moscow and supported sanctions on Russia. It has also welcomed a new NATO outpost on its Black Sea coast and allowed Western fighter jets to make use of it.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said his country “will not succumb to such a racket”.

Heading into summer, the two countries are in decent shape to respond to the cuts as gas is less essential during warm months. Poland has also been diversifying its sources of energy for several years.

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