Monday, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio announced on Twitter that one of his campaign canvassers was seriously injured while knocking on doors as part of his campaign. In his tweet, he mentioned that the volunteer suffered from internal bleeding and a broken jaw. According to the tweet, the volunteer was attacked by four dogs and told Republicans weren’t allowed in the neighborhood.

Screenshot from ConservativeBrief _ 102522

Senator Rubio is currently up for reelection in the November 8th elections and is running against Congresswoman Val Demings. As of today, according to FiveThirtyEight, Rubio is ahead in the polls with a 4.8% lead.

A few Democrats have come forward in response to the tweet sending condolences and mentioning they are “not the party of violence.” Though clearly in this case there was definitely some violence since the volunteer will need facial reconstructive surgery.

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