The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a video on Sunday featuring several GOP representatives criticizing President Joe Biden over his record regarding the military and veterans.

The video features Republican Reps. Wesley Hunt of Texas, Brian Mast of Florida, Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin, Mike Waltz of Florida and Ryan Zinke of Montana, all of whom are military veterans. The Republican members criticized Biden citing Biden’s “botched” Afghanistan withdrawal and as well as the Ukrainian-Russia conflict, while praising former President Trump, saying the world was more “peaceful” and “stable.”

“We are closer to World War Three than we have been in my lifetime,” Van Orden said in the video. “And I joined the Navy under Ronald Reagan.”

During the Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021, 13 servicemen and 170 Afghans were killed in an ISIS-K suicide bombing, and seven billion dollars worth of military equipment left in the hands of the now Taliban operated nation. Approximately 73% of veterans said the withdrawal negatively affected how they view the Global War on Terror while 83% said they were dissatisfied with the lack of accountability from senior officials, according to Military Times.

The 13 fallen servicemen were returned to the United States where they would be laid to rest. While Biden made an appearance, he was seen checking his watch.
“When I look at Joe Biden and his approach to bearing the weight of being commander in chief, the leader of the United States military, he doesn’t deserve that title,” Mast said in the video. “He has never acted as a commander in chief.”
“We’re weak globally and the world sees this,”  Zinke said in the video. “We were not weak under President Trump. The world was more stable, it was more peaceful, because he provided the leadership necessary to mean that if you mess with us as consequences.”
Trump signed an executive order in August of 2019 forgiving federal student loan debt for permanently disabled U.S. military. He also signed the VA MISSION Act in 2018, which enhanced healthcare choices for veterans, and improved educational benefits available to veterans through the GI Bill.
“He loves his country, and he loves his military,” Zinke said in the video. “And under President Trump and his commander in chief, you know, the military would be supported 100%.”


“We want a military that’s always going to be ready to fight, but only when necessary,” Hunt said. “And if you recall, during President Trump’s four years in office, there were no new wars. We had the Abraham accords. We had world peace.”

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