The Republican National Committee is extremely interested in holding its 2024 presidential convention in Nashville, but it’s meeting fierce resistance from the city’s Democrat leadership.

Nashville’s Democratic Mayor John Cooper has reportedly spoken directly to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel about “significant security concerns”, according to NBC News.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, is supportive of the convention being held in the state. But in discussions with the governor’s office and the RNC, Cooper has apparently suggested the convention would be too volatile in the “post-January 6th environment”.

Senior adviser to the RNC, Richard Walters, said Cooper seemed interested in the security grant Congress typically issues to cities that host political conventions.

The Committee also faces resistance from the city’s progressive City Council members, who must approve the contract to host the RNC.

Some of them, such as Nashville Metro Councilwoman Sandra Sepulveda, said hosting the convention would not “align with the values of Nashville.”

James Garrett, GOP chair of Davidson County, isn’t buying their excuses.

“The council members, they’ll come up with all these excuses, but the bottom line is they’re still Democrats. They’ll do anything they can to keep a Republican convention from coming here.”

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