Riley Gaines, a former All-American swimmer, made headlines by publicly endorsing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the preferred candidate in the 2024 GOP Presidential primary. Notably recognized for her passionate advocacy for safeguarding women’s rights in sports, Gaines took the opportunity to address a spirited DeSantis rally held in Greenville, South Carolina, on a Friday evening.

According to the Daily Mail:

Speaking ahead of DeSantis taking the podium at the rally she said: ‘It is imperative for sake of Americans that we get an administration leading this country who knows how to do the right thing.

‘It’s the right thing for me. It’s the right thing for women. It’s the right thing for Americans.’

‘His leadership has been crucial in rooting out the radical ideology that is really pushing this insanity and bringing visibility to these cultural issues.

‘He’s really taken on this political establishment, the woke corporations, the media, and he’s won. And we know this based off his success in Florida alone.

‘I have the unwavering morals to know what I’m doing by endorsing Governor DeSantis is the right thing.’ She added that right now there is a ‘pretty treacherous social media landscape,’ a reference to the potential for backlash over her decision to stump for DeSantis.

In the wake of her electrifying performance, which saw her tie for fifth place against the controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas at the NCAA championship in March 2022, Gaines has emerged as a prominent advocate. Her fierce determination and unwavering stance have positioned her as a leading voice opposing the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports. With a newfound platform, Gaines has fearlessly taken up the cause, speaking out against the participation of trans women in biological women’s competitions.


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