Representative Tom Rice (R-SC) was one of ten Republicans to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump after January 6th. His defeat marks the first ouster of a pro-impeachment Republican as well as Trump’s first success vanquishing an incumbent.

Rice surprised many of his colleagues when he joined nine other Republicans in voting to impeach Trump, but he showed no remorse as recently as last week despite feeling it might cost his reelection.

In an interview with NBC News last week, he said, “Win, lose or draw, I did the right thing, and I know I did the right thing. I can’t think of any president who has ever done anything worse in terms of government.”

It was a different story for Trump in South Carolina’s 1st District, where he attempted to unseat Representative Nancy Mace with former state representative Katie Arrington.

While not as adamantly opposed to Trump as Rice – Mace did not support impeachment – she has questioned Trump’s role in the future of the party.

In the last few weeks before South Carolina’s primary, particular attention was paid to gas prices as each candidate sought to accuse their rival of being part of the problem.

In what may have been the dealbreaker for Arrington, Mace hammered her during the final weeks of campaigning for voting to raise the state gas tax in 2017 when she was a member of the state Legislature.

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