The turnout trend is nearly the exact opposite of 2018 when Democrats flipped over 40 seats to take back the House of Representatives.

“In every state where I’ve been measuring turnout changes relative to previous midterms, I’m seeing a clear advantage on the Republican side,” polling expert John Couvillon told the New York Post.

In Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, and Oregon, Republicans made up just under 55% of the total votes cast.

When Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, and West Virginia are factored in, Republicans account for 60% of the votes cast in primaries thus far.

According to Couvillon’s data, primary turnout is up 21% overall from 2018. But the party breakdown is staggering. Democrat turnout has increased just 3% over 2018, but Republican turnout is up a full 38%.

The new stats come after an internal poll conducted by the DNC which showed a generic Republican candidate beats a generic Democrat candidate by an 8-point margin.

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