Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, a Republican, has voiced strong concerns about Donald Trump’s potential candidacy for the 2024 presidential race, given the weighty legal accusations against him. In a conversation with CNN’s “State of the Union” host, Kasie Hunt, Cassidy stated that the federal case against Trump regarding his handling of classified documents is “almost a slam dunk.” The senator continued:

“They have a tape recording of him speaking of it. If that is proven, then we may have a candidate for president who has been convicted of a crime.”

“I think [President] Joe Biden needs to be replaced, but I don’t think Americans will vote for someone who’s been convicted. So, I’m just very sorry about how all this is playing out.”

The former 45th president of the United States is currently facing a multitude of charges across different jurisdictions. This includes a particularly hefty 40-count indictment in South Florida, overseen by special counsel Jack Smith. In response to this, Cassidy remarked that it is  “a very strong case.”

Cassidy, also voiced his skepticism about Trump’s chances in 2024 and even remarked that the former president ought to drop out. He said:

“I think so. But, obviously, that’s up to him. I mean, you’re just asking me my opinion. But he will lose to Joe Biden, if you look at the current polls.”


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