Republican Rep. Scott Perry turned down the House Select Committee’s invitation for him to “voluntarily” appear before the panel.

Background: The House Select Committee investigating the events surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot has issued multiple subpoenas to allies of former President Trump and those involved in the Jan. 6 rally.

The panel has requested multiple advisers to Trump testify and hand over records pertaining to Jan. 6th.

Rep. Scott Perry via Wikimedia Commons

Multiple confidantes including Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon rejected the committee’s requests and were charged with criminal contempt of Congress.

What Happened: On Monday, the panel requested Rep. Scott Parry voluntarily testify before the committee regarding the pressure campaign at the Department of Justice (DOJ) involving Jeffrey Clark.

In a statement Rep. Scott declined the panel’s request:

“I stand with immense respect for our Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the Americans I represent who know that this entity is illegitimate, and not duly constituted under the rules of the US House of Representatives,” Perry tweeted Tuesday, referring to the panel.

“I decline this entity’s request and will continue to fight the failures of the radical Left who desperately seek distraction from their abject failures of crushing inflation, a humiliating surrender in Afghanistan, and the horrendous crisis they created and refuse to address at our southern border,” he added.

Context: Rep. Perry, the incoming chair of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, is among a long list of conservatives who have questioned the validity of the Jan. 6 probe.

Trump himself earlier Tuesday referred to the panel as “the Unselect Committee of highly partisan political hacks.”

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