Elected Republicans are becoming more willing to speak out against Trump as a candidate, seemingly moved by the case being presented against him by the House select committee and his ongoing response to the 2020 election results.

Don Bacon (R-NE) became the latest to publicly state that Trump would not be his ideal candidate.

He made the comments on Sunday’s “Meet the Press“, saying, “We have to learn the lesson of ‘Why did we lose in 2020?’ It was the comportment and the temperament. And yes, a democracy respects elections. And our president should have respected the conclusion [in 2020], particularly when all the court cases were figured out.”

Trump has repeatedly hinted at launching another presidential campaign, but has stopped short of making any official announcements. Many have speculated that Trump intends to use the 2022 midterms as a barometer of his remaining influence over the Republican party and that his candidates’ successes – or failures – will be a major determining factor leading up to his decision to run.

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