In April, reports surfaced that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin had decided not to run for president in 2024. The New York Times wrote that Youngkin was telling donors and advisors that he was not planning to launch a campaign. He told reporters, “Listen, I didn’t write a book, and I’m not in Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina. I am wholly focused on the Commonwealth of Virginia, and I’m looking forward to these elections.’’

But now it seems the governor is reconsidering his 2024 prospects. According to Axios, heavyweight GOP donors are advising Youngkin to jump into the 2024 race because they see him as the future of the Republican party.

Popular Governor Reveals 2024 Decision

Axios reports:

“He’s reconsidering,” a top source close to Youngkin told Axios. “He’d be in his own lane: He’s not never-Trump, and he’s not Trump-light.”A top Virginia GOP strategist told Axios there are “serious discussions happening on re-engaging in the presidential” race.

Youngkin faces high-stakes state legislative races in November. So an announcement about a presidential race is likely to wait until right after that, Republican sources said.

A senior Youngkin aide told Axios: “If the guy flips any seats at all, it’s proof that his political machine is ready to go.”

Youngkin also sparked speculation about his future when his team posted this video last week:

In the video, Youngkin can be heard saying that it’s time to usher in a new era of American value. Sources say Youngkin’s ultimate goal may be the 2028 presidential election and he could use 2024 as a rehearsal.

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