According to a new report, U.S. intelligence believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has now officially decided to invade Ukraine.

The Background: Tension has been flaring for weeks as Russia has built up its military presence on the border of Ukraine. President Joe Biden, along with multiple other foreign leaders, have advised Americans to leave the country while they can. The State Department advised that it would not be able to evacuate citizens.

The Details: The U.S. believes Putin has decided to invade Ukraine and communicated those plans to the Russian military, three officials told PBS NewsHour’s Nick Schifrin. Two administration officials appeared to echo what Secretary of State Blinken said previously, expecting an invasion to begin next week. Defense officials also told Schifrin they “anticipate a horrific, bloody campaign that begins with two days of bombardment and electronic warfare, followed by an invasion, with the possible goal of regime change.” The North Atlantic Council was reportedly briefed on this new intel today.

This situation is developing…

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