Fox News was not about to let Tucker Carlson take his show to Twitter while using the same set which featured on their network. Patrick Feeney, who manages Carlson’s operations, spoke to the Daily Mail, saying:

“Fox came in last week and got all their sh*t out of there,”

“They took the set and everything, all the equipment, the chairs, the desk, the fake walls, everything.”

Carlson is now working along with a group of three men at his satellite studio in Maine in order to rebuild the set. Carlson would shoot his show out of Florida for most of the year, but in the summer he recorded out of this satellite studio in Maine. The construction of the new set seems as though it is causing a delay to Carlson’s big Twitter launch.

According to the Daily Mail:

Carlson, 54, spends his summers in the rural town, 55 miles west of the state capital Augusta, where Fox had built a set in an old barn so he could broadcast the show remotely. He was due to start filming from the satellite studio within a few weeks when he was suddenly fired by the network on April 24.

Tucker has since given his own crew a new job, to get the studio back up and running. But the removal of the original set meant they had to repair the infrastructure.

‘There’s no hardware in place at all,’ Feeney said. ‘There’s not even an infrastructure for a TV studio for a long time.’

Feeney told that his boss, who spends much of the year in Florida, had only recently returned to Woodstock, where he owns a house on a lake on the outskirts of town.

On May 10th, shortly after being fired by Fox, Carlson announced he would be launching a new version of his show. Some reports detail that a few Fox anchors have contacted Carlson about joining his venture once their contracts at the network expire. Carlson has slammed the mainstream media, which he includes Fox to be part of, as pushing lies on the American people.

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