Iran and the U.S. are reportedly now only days away from finally agreeing on a new Nuclear Deal after months of negotiations.

The Details: The deal, if agreed upon, could mark a breakthrough for negotiations that have gone on for months between the U.S., Iran France, Germany, Russia, China, and Britain.

Senior diplomats involved in the process reportedly said that they believe they are close to a solution which could restore the original 2015 deal, originally agreed to under the Obama administration.

The deal was famously scrapped by former President Donald Trump.

One of the main key issues still to be resolved is the status of Iran’s  Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a group it demands be taken off the sanctions list for its terrorist activists around the world.

Regardless of the final compromise on the status of the Revolutionary Guard it is likely that any restored deal will see potentially billions of dollars flow to terror groups throughout the Middle East due to lifted sanctions.

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