The Ohio legislature sent a bill to Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk on Wednesday that would bar minors from getting sex change procedures, according to the Ohio Capital Journal.

House Bill 68 prohibits doctors from performing sex change medical procedures, including cross-sex hormones and surgeries, on children, as well as bans male athletes from competing in female divisions. The state Senate approved the bill in a 24-8 vote, and the state House approved the bill afterward in a 61-27 vote, according to the Ohio Capital Journal.

The bill is now headed to DeWine’s desk and he has 10 business days to give his signature or veto the legislation. DeWine’s press secretary, Dan Tierney, told the Ohio Capital Journal that they are waiting for “a final bill to review before offering formal comment.”

Several Democratic lawmakers expressed disapproval of the bill, with state Sen. Bill DeMora arguing it was “targeting” transgender young people who are “already at an increased risk of suicide and violence, and subjecting them to even more risk,” according to the Ohio Capital Journal. Democratic House Minority Leader Allison Russo called the bill “cruel” and expressed hopes that DeWine would not sign it.

“The bill is so cruel on so many levels but at the end of the day this violates parents’ rights to make decisions about their children’s own healthcare,” Russo said. “It’s putting the government in the middle of families and their healthcare providers.”

DeWine has said in the past that he doesn’t think legislative bans for transgender athletes are necessary due to many athletic associations having their own rules on the subject, according to, a local media outlet. He also declined to tell reporters Wednesday whether or not he would sign the bill.

DeWine’s office did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Kate Anderson on December 14, 2023

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