Organizers of the group associating under the hashtag #ShutdownDC gave supporters a briefing outlining their plans for June 13th, a Monday when the Court will likely issue its opinions.

The Washington Free Beacon monitored the presentation and viewed memos detailing the groups plans to blockade the streets around the Supreme Court building and cut off access to its parking garage, which is the primary entry point for justices and staff.

According to the Beacon, the virtual briefing was attended by more than 60 activists and was led by multiple organizers, some of whom were masking their identities.

“In this space we may talk about some action ideas that stretch the bounds of constitutionally protected speech,” a slide shown to attendees read.

The group is planning a rally to coincide with the blockade. They described it as a “low-risk” location, whereas they expect the three blockade points to result in skirmishes with the police and result in arrests.

The Supreme Court’s public relations office declined to respond to the Beacon’s reporting.

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