The winds may be shifting in the Republican primary race following the first debate on Wednesday night. A recent poll from Public Opinion Strategies has unveiled some intriguing changes among the Iowa Republican base. Notably, the poll found that Ron DeSantis has jumped 7 points in Iowa following the debate.

📊 Key Insights from the Poll:

-Trump retains the lead but drops a fraction, now at 41%, down from 42%.

-DeSantis rides the debate momentum, jumping from 14% to a notable 21%.

-Nikki Haley emerges as a dark horse, moving up from 3% to 11%.

-Vivek Ramaswamy faces the steepest decline, tumbling from 10% to 7%.

-Mike Pence holds steady at 2%.

-Doug Burgum and Chris Christie both dip to 1% from their prior 3%.

-Asa Hutchinson, previously under 1%, now claims 1% of the support.

In a direct face-off post-debate:

-Trump still leads at 43%, but down from a dominant 51%.

-DeSantis moves up, garnering 40% support, a significant surge from his pre-debate 34%.

💬 Iowa Voters Speak Out:

-DeSantis is crowned as the strongest conservative (33%) and perceived as capable of toppling Trump (34%).

-37% believe DeSantis can take on President Biden.

-On border issues, DeSantis also emerges as the top contender.

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