Last month, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. His bid sets up a blockbuster matchup against Democrat Joe Manchin. Justice and Manchin are the state’s most prominent political figures, and the race is garnering national attention as Republicans look to flip the seat. Governor Justice is a strong Trump supporter and has also been endorsed by Senator Lindsey Graham who was present at his campaign launch.

A recent poll conducted by ECU, has Gov. Justice leading Manchin by double digits in a head to head matchup. Justice leads the incumbent by 22 points and has the support of 54% of West Virginia voters compared to Manchin’s 32%. The other 13% remain either undecided or support another candidate.

According to Breitbart:

This coincides with the fact that Justice has a positive job approval rating, as 57 percent approve compared to 29 percent who disapprove. Further, 70 percent of Republicans, specifically, approve of Justice, as do 52 percent of independents and 39 percent of Democrats.

Conversely, Manchin’s job approval is under water, as most, 59 percent, disapprove, compared to 33 percent who approve. Further, Manchin does not see an approval as strong as Justice among his respective base, as 51 percent of Democrats approve of Manchin. Less than half of independents, 37 percent, and one-fifth of Republicans, 22 percent, approve of the Democrat politician as well.

Also included in the poll was a question of whether Senator Manchin should switch parties or become an independent. 33% said he should remain a Democrat, 33% said he should become a Republican and 14% responded that he should become an independent. Justice has repeatedly identified himself as the only candidate who can defeat Manchin.


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