A new Wall Street Journal poll sheds light on how voters feel about another four years of President Biden.

Although the man himself and the White House have repeatedly declared his intent to run for re-election, people close to Biden suggest he’ll make his decision after midterm elections.

The Wall Street Journal’s poll, conducted by interviewing dozens of voters, activists, and local officials in battleground states along with poll respondents, finds Americans might not need that long to decide.

52% of Americans don’t think he’ll run, while only 29% do. Even among Democrats, only 41% think he’ll pursue a second term, while 32% say the don’t think he will. A full 26% of Democrats are unsure, much higher than the 19% rate among all voters.

“You can run for president at 35. I don’t know why we would need the president to be over 75,” said a young voter who attended Biden’s event at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

A 55-year-old Democrat voters from Pennsylvania said she thinks Biden will run again, but had hesitations when asked if he should. “I just don’t know. He’s getting up there. I don’t know if it’s the best step for the Democratic Party.”

Biden would be 82 years old when sworn in to a second term, almost ten years older than Ronald Regan at the start of his second term.

Associates of Biden acknowledge that he is tired at times due to his advanced age and the demands of the job. But they insist he remains animated behind closed doors. Still, others have clear doubts. One Democratic lawmaker who refused to be identified by name told the Wall Street Journal that members watched the State of the Union with bated breath.

“Everybody was very pleasantly surprised with the State of the Union address and breathed a sigh of relief when it was over,” the lawmaker said.

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