Kevin Morris, a lawyer and ‘sugar brother’ of Hunter Biden, was seen using a bong on the balcony of his home in Malibu, California, while Hunter was visiting. These photos surfaced as the House Oversight Committee investigates the finances of the Biden family, following the release of an FBI document that alleges Hunter pressured a Ukrainian gas company to pay his family millions.

See the photos below:


Morris is a prominent Hollywood attorney who plays a significant role in Hunter’s life, earning him the nickname “sugar brother.” He provides various forms of support, including financial help, book writing assistance, and even lending his private jet for Hunter’s travel needs. For instance, Hunter used Morris’s jet to travel to and from a child-support hearing in Arkansas, an expensive round-trip flight.

Morris is reported to help maintain Hunter’s reportedly luxurious lifestyle, including covering some of Hunter’s living expenses and loaning him over $2 million to clear overdue taxes, which are part of an ongoing Justice Department investigation into possible tax evasion and other potential crimes. Morris also advises Hunter on various legal and financial issues.

It has been alleged that Morris misrepresented himself to gain access to the set of “My Son Hunter,” a film depicting a fictionalized account of Hunter’s drug use and international business dealings. Reports suggest that Morris, along with two associates, claimed they were filming a documentary about Hunter’s purported corruption, without revealing their relationship to him. They reportedly spent several days on the set, recording footage for their so-called documentary.

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