President Joe Biden’s initial budget leaves much to be desired when it comes to defense spending.

Pentagon leaders continue to focus on the growing threat of China, which has been expanding its military forces at a lightning pace. The country has also built up its armor of advanced weaponry, including nuclear warheads, faster than the US had expected.

Russia also represents a threat, though secondary to China, as its drawn out war with Ukraine could cause the country to make increasingly desperate moves.

Biden’s military spending request, which includes departments outside the scope of the Pentagon, is up 4% from last year. However, accounting for inflation, the budget is up just 1.5% in real terms according to Pentagon Comptroller Mike McCord.

The budget’s details focus on the development of new weapons systems, especially long-range nuclear missiles. But it also has to cover inflation-driven increases in pay for civilian and military personnel as well as materials such as fuel.

Democrats have long loathed the US’ military spending, the most in the world by far. However, with global unrest and China looming, pinching pennies has never been more dangerous.

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