After the White House expressed frustration that her request played into Republican talking points, the Pentagon refused to assist DC Mayor Muriel Bowser with the overwhelming influx of immigrants coming from Texas and Arizona.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin informed Bowser of the decision, a defense official told The Hill.

Bowser pleaded for help about two weeks ago after admitting to being overwhelmed by the number of migrants arriving from Arizona and Texas.

Those state’s Republican governors, Dough Ducey and Greg Abbot, have arranged buses to take newly arrived immigrants directly to DC in response to Biden’s lack of action on record southern border crossings.

Bowser criticized Abbott and Ducey for involving her city in their ongoing spat with the Biden administration and decried busing refugees instead as “cruel political gamesmanship”, claiming that the city’s capacity to manage the influx of migrants had reached its limit.

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that her request had frustrated White House officials and immigrant aid organizations who deemed it unnecessary and said it served to validate Republican talking points on Biden’s struggles with the border.

In a new announcement on Friday, Abbott stated he would begin busing immigrants to New York City in addition to DC. He also invited Bowser and New York City Mayor Eric Adams to the border to see the “humanitarian crisis firsthand”.

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