Trump supporters and anti-Trump protestors are already starting to gather outside of the Manhattan courthouse where former President Donald Trump will be arranged today. Fights have even begun to break out, one of them occurring after an anti-Trump group laid out a banner reading “Trump lies all the time.” The protestors then started shouting “he lies!” This sparked reaction from a Trump supporter who ran on top of the banner and attempted to remove it from the sidewalk. The woman, who was wearing a red MAGA hat, ended up tripping and falling, to which the anti-Trump protestors started yelling, “You’re on the wrong side!”

After getting up from the ground, the Trump supporter continued to grab at the banner and that is when punches began to be thrown. Watch the video below:

Police ended up intervening to break up the scuffle, and reporters started to swarm the area. The fight is an example of why hundreds of NYPD officers have been assigned to patrol the streets outside of the courthouse for today’s events.

A pro-Trump rally is expected to kick off in the area around 10 a.m., which will feature Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and disgraced N.Y. Rep. George Santos. Santos told reporters,  “I’m not here for the cameras. I’m just here for the president of the United States who is being unfairly attacked by a DA.”

Trump also sent out a last minute message to his supporters in the form of a fundraising email. The email stated, “Today, we mourn the loss of justice in America. Today is the day that a ruling political party ARRESTS its leading opponent for having committed NO CRIME. Our nation is becoming a Marxist Third World country that CRIMINALIZES dissent and IMPRISONS its political opposition.”

Tension and unrest is starting to grow in Manhattan already, and this is only the beginning of the historical day.



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