According to PredictIt betting market, last nights debate between John Fetterman and Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz shifted the odds 20 points in favor of Oz. Before the debate started, Oz was favored to win the Pennsylvania seat by 53/100. After the debate, those odds dramatically changed showed Oz favored by 64/100, an 11 point swing. Fetterman saw his betting odds trend down from 48/100 cents to 39/100 cents, a nine point swing, due to his performance.

There were significant concerns over the state of Fetterman’s cognitive capabilities coming into the event due to a recent stroke he had suffered. The concern was strong enough for the democratic candidate to request a personal screen to provide subtitles of everything that was said during the debate. But Fetterman’s cognitive state turns out to be far worse than anyone had imagined as he struggled to form simple sentences in a performance which should all but assure his defeat.

Some strategists have come out saying that Oz should never had gone forth with the debate and that reasoning was quickly confirmed when he opened the night saying, “Hi. Good night everybody.”:

One of the most difficult Fetterman answers to make sense of came after a question on raising the minimum wage:

Later on in the debate, Fetterman appeared to aim a jab at Oz but what came out was completely incoherent; “He got his Pennsylvania house from his own id-laze from a dollar.”

The clip can be seen here:



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