Casey DeSantis, the wife of Florida’s governor has come under intense attacks from the media and political opponents over the past week. But why is Casey DeSantis now receiving intense criticism with no prior controversy or scandal? Perhaps it is because her rivals want to define her in a negative light before Americans can make their own opinions.

Recently, a left-wing editor from the Daily Beast took a cheap shot at the first lady by referring to her as “Walmart Melania” for wearing a leather jacket with the words “Where woke goes to die”, attempting to suggest parallels with Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care, do u?” jacket. The editor went on to imply that Governor DeSantis’ campaign is crude and grasping, aiming to appeal to fascists.

The attacks against the Florida Governor’s wife have continued to pour in over last few days. See further examples here


“The more complicated but also more instructive reality is that she is neither the fawning caricature she’s made out to be in conservative and even at times mainstream media nor a Shakespearean villain,” Politco wrote. “She might well be a bit of both, say even some DeSantis proponents, and somewhere in this tension sits the central dynamic of the pending DeSantis campaign. She can ameliorate some of the effects of his idiosyncrasies. She can also accentuate, even exacerbate, his hubris, and his paranoia, and his vaulting ambition — because those are all traits that they share.”

Daily Beast

We’ve got a Sunshine State Lady Macbeth, in her green cape and white gloves, with her middling husband and her thirst for the crown… Whether the GOP’s base will respond to DeSantis and his wife trying to imitate Donald and Melania—whether they’ll be happy buying the knock-offs—is an open question.”

The Washington Post

“As Ron DeSantis pursues the presidency, his wife’s role is limitless. Casey, 42, isn’t a typical political spouse. Why does that inspire so much fear? Her rise in TV and insular marriage tell the story.”

“Ron and Casey live as an inner circle of two. They were always two private people, trusting of each other, often exclusively so, but the level of prominence and power they achieved in Tallahassee seemed to insulate their world further, creating a level of distance between Ron and Casey and everyone else,” later adding, “This insular couple, who didn’t let people in, who made Tallahassee into an island of their own power, was now asking to be seen and known.”

On Tuesday, pro-Trump social media personality tweeted out an old clip from Casey DeSantis’ time as a TV anchor in Jacksonville, Florida. In the clip, Casey shows off a Club For Growth mug which Loomer points out is  an “anti-Trump ‘conservative’, Koch brother affiliated group.”

See the tweet below:

The amount of attacks both Ron DeSantis and his wife have received since he announced his campaign shows that his candidacy is a major threat both Republicans and Democrats. As time goes on Casey DeSantis will have her own opportunity to win over voters and for now the attacks seem to just bringing more attention to the DeSantis campaign.

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