Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Republican candidate for the 2024 presidency, harshly criticized fellow candidate and former President Donald Trump on the “Pod Save America” show. Christie referred to Trump as a “one-man crime wave” in light of new federal charges related to a classified documents investigation. He highlighted that Trump is unique in facing multiple trials within a short span for various legal issues.

He stated:

“This guy has been a one-man crime wave,” the former governor went on. “Look, he’s earned every one of them. If you look at it, every one of these is self-inflicted.”

“But what I say to people all the time is, whether you agree or disagree with the prosecutors, look at the underlying conduct,”

Christie also commented that some criminal cases against Trump had elements of “questionable” prosecutorial judgement and discretion but urged people to consider Trump’s conduct when deciding if he is suitable to be president. Trump is facing several legal issues, including an accusation of deleting surveillance footage to hide evidence, potential indictment over attempts to overturn the 2020 election, and an indictment for allegedly hiding a payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

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