U.S. Congressman, Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) identified an unusual and potentially-threatening measure in the massive $1.7 trillion omnibus the Legislature hopes to vote on this Wednesday. The measure allocates funds for “reproductive health” in parts of the country where “population growth” is purported to “threaten biodiversity.”

Bishop documented examples of the feature on his Twitter account. Over half a billion dollars are said to go to “reproductive health” wherever endangered species are perceived to be threatened.

“On a more sinister note, here’s at least $575 million for ‘family planning’ in areas where population growth ‘threatens biodiversity.’ Malthusianism is a disturbing, anti-human ideology that should have ZERO place in any federal program,” Bishop tweeted.

Bishop criticized the omnibus bill as another example of wasteful spending on the part of the government. He and other GOP lawmakers admonished Congress for trying to pass the potential law without a clear understanding of its content.

The massive $1.7 trillion bill was released earlier that day with the expectations that Congress shall vote on it Wednesday. Several Republican figures, including Bishop, criticized the 4,200-page bill as more wasteful spending from the federal government passed without any clear knowledge of what’s in the text. 

A number of Bishop’s Twitter followers pointed out the Left’s tendency to use legislation to implement ideologically-driven measures and impose them on the American people. Several were especially critical of the push to promote abortion, raise living costs, and limit production of energy.

“There’s a chilling anti-human synergy between the Left’s pet projects, from throttling energy production and raising the cost of living to outright killing people in the womb. It’s all about making fewer, less vibrant, and wholly dependant people. It’s truly evil,” Minnesota House Representative-elect Walter Hudson wrote.  

Bishop identified other potentially wasteful measures in the bill, including a proposal to name a building after Speaker Pelosi, the creation of a National Institutes of Health subdivision dedicated to “structural racism”, and the deliberate limiting of funds meant for Customs and Boarder Patrol.

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