Too much is too much. Yet, the Biden Administration has allowed for “too much” crisis at the southern border. This has caused the New York City Mayor to raise a state of emergency over the recent migrant crisis. Thousands of migrants have come from Texas to New York via the popular migrant buses put into place by Governor Abbott.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is requesting $1 billion in funding to help support the migrants that are dropped off in his city. Mayor Adams says that this will provide funding through June 2023. At a time when the national debt is already sky high, Biden’s poor management of the southern border has created an even higher price tag based on the claim by Mayor Adams. This liberal mayor is crying out for help and is getting a taste of what the southern states experience.

The Democratic mayor announced the move Friday morning during a press conference, adding that the financial ask would go toward operations through June 2023, an indication that the city does not believe the record-high flow of immigrants at the southern border will stop any time soon.

This story is developing.

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