The Manhattan grand jury will not meet in President Trump’s hush money case today – pushing any decision into next week. This news comes from Fox which has said that a source has confirmed the information. That source has said the Manhattan grand jury supposedly will not hear testimony, deliberate, or conduct any votes on the Trump case Thursday. With the grand jury not meeting on Fridays, it pushed the results into next week. The grand jury is however set to meet Thursday – just for a different case.

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The grand jury hearing Trump’s hush money case is also hearing other cases, and is part of a “special investigative grand jury.”

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According to The Hill, the grand jury is expected to hear from additional witnesses in the Trump hush money case next week. Leading us to wonder how much longer we may have to wait before we hear if Trump will in fact be indicted.

The panel was scheduled to meet Wednesday but DA Bragg had told the jury to stay home and be on standby for Thursday. Though now we know they are skipping the case until next week.

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While Trump had announced he was expecting to be arrested Tuesday the whole country is on the edge of their seats to see the verdict when it finally arrives. Guess we will have to wait a bit longer.

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