California Governor Gavin Newsom was caught vacationing with his family in Montana, one of the 22 states California bans state-funded travel to in protest of policies deemed unfriendly to LGBT causes.

The governor’s office was forced to issue a statement saying Newsom did not use state funds for the trip, but that did not help him escape criticism as some questioned whether his security detail and other government perks he may be using are considered state-funded travel.

It’s not the first time his personal travel has caused controversy.

As COVID cases were rising in 2020, Newsom attended a private dinner party at the French Laundry after demanding social gatherings be disallowed, according to Insider.

Amid speculation he may be setting up for a 2024 run, Newsom has been launching ads in other states and picking fights with Republicans on former President Trump’s Truth Social network.

His apparently national ambitions come as California faces an increase in crime due to criminal justice reform policies that even state Democrats describe as a “failed experiment”.

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